Delivering shrimp via urban ATM’s – food safe and protein food secure.

Delivering food aid to Africa

Future scenario : urban reefer setups with hooked on robotic steam cookers to deliver food safe (sterilized) products.

Shrimp are that ideal healthy protein package.

Labelling and marketing shrimp….pond and lab cell farmed.

A shrimp has also the right to know life. It has a head and eyes. At least in most consumer markets – unless highly processed – shrimp have heads.

Growing cells and calling the meat produced shrimp is not correct.

This is about labelling, marketing and clear information for consumer knowledge.

Shore-backed Dutch shrimp supplier in administration after ‘perfect storm’.

But main point of interest for shrimp is “that the yields were not those expected” of the machinery developed and, thus, this is understood as not being competitive to Moroccan hand peel.

Of course this is local EU caught sustainable MSC certified quota thick shelled brown shrimp. Mainly day boats. Product trucked to Morocco can be kept in polyphosphate soak. Loosens up shell from flesh. Processing aid not additive so no labelling required.

Minimal human manual food manipulation and interaction going forward is one path for food.

STiP wrote a bit of a skewed article somewhere about this technology….while the premise is right that manual labour is always ripe for disruption, other factors play their parts….

Prawnmaster looks forward to the sound blasting shrimp sheller – EU patent granted dec 2019