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Mexican traceability – or tracking shrimp for tax purposes?

Shrimp traceability in Mexico

Back in the late 1980’s the transport of shrimp within Mexico was a highly controlled and regulated effort.

There were no shrimp farms or hatcheries back then. Shrimp were harvested out of controlled lagoons and only ejidatorios and co-operativas were allowed to be in the shrimp business. There were lots of jealousies to success back then that at a social level always tried to level the playing field.

When we built the first shrimp hatchery in Mexico the transport of larvae required licences and permits. Harvesting a shrimp pond required pre-approval with volumes, sizes and final destinations. An uphill struggle where technology and success were not always welcome.

The state wanted to know. Seems like not much has changed. Traceability is supposedly the issue but control and probably taxation is still the goal.