Prawn mineral use to fight climate change…accelerated silicate weathering.

Keeping alkalinity between 140 and 180, managing magnesium calcium ratio, controlling pH, adding feeds that are totally swallowed and digested, keeping all shells and shrimp discharge zero – for controlled precision water mineral control…

Silicates for shrimp shell growth. Faster shrimp growth. Locking away carbon.

Use of minerals in shrimp farming to help balance requirements is an important part. Not just as starter but during culture and is a lot about what is put in and taken out of system.

The sludge off the prawn…

All this talk of sludge in the shrimp farming intensification industry.

Cannot be much more than primary conversion of shrimp feed plus bacteria, algae in pond/tank growth…

Dried shrimp sludge meal would no doubt make for a great fishfeed fishmeal replacement.

Dried fish sludge meal potential in shrimp culture…as yet an unknown?

Sludge in prawn operations…

Activated sludge water conditioning, biofloc culture systems and feed going into shrimp operations are sludge generators.

The target of a well run vannamei protein shrimp operation is that there should be no sludge wastes. Any waste comes at a cost.

Generating sludge is wasteful and takes up energy that could otherwise be converted into shrimp.

What goes in must come out as shrimp

Shrimp RAS – as zero sludge operations. That’s the aim.