Insights into prawn benthic adaptation…

The expansion of LW options sensitive to light at the 560 nm wavelength facilitates feeding of the shrimp in benthic environment with predominantly yellow and red (long-wavelength) light…

hmm…looks like the humic and fulvic acid colours.

A similar approach to the prawn…harnessing probiotics to deliver supporting culture appropriate bacteria for RAS.

Prawn intensity definitions – it’s complicated but should be based on output at harvest per sqm.

So back in December we defined intensiveness but with one caveat – we did not include depth and therefore size of footprint.

From here on in we counsider shrimp should remain under aper square metre definition for productivity and not like a volumetric fish calculation….

Example is that a per cubic metre could have a footprint of 3 sqm if the water is only 33cms deep.

To redefine then – semi-intensive shrimp culture can be now considered at 4MT/hectare per harvest. That’s stays the same.

Intensive as being up to 5kg/sqm per cycle.

Super-intensive as 5 -15 kg per square metre per cycle.

With hyper-intensive above 15 kg per square metre.

All understood then.