Prawn scale change…take note on a per cycle level..

What used to be called intensive shrimp farming (4MT/ha) is now considered semi-intensive.

Intensive farming is now anything up to 50MT/hectare or around 5kg/cbm. The biofloc range limitation.

Above 5kg one is now talking super-intensive – up to 15kg/cbm.

Above 15kg/cbm then one is into the realm of hyper-intensive…or even ridiculous-intensive (until it happens time after time)…

Prawnmaster testing nanobubble generating aquaculture engineering technology… 2016

In Prawnmaster’s private Shrimp Lab in 2016…

Now implementation in commercial shrimp RAS – a global first.

Prawns partial to partial harvests…

………”a dramatic increase in the profits of shrimp culture by earlier and more concentrated harvesting in super-intensive closed culture systems