Precision prawn engineering acoustic technology – listening to lead prawn on welfare, husbandry and social condition issues…

Telling the real prawn – there are no diseases just stressfull human practices…

Shrimp cannot be vaccinated. All health issues have to be addressed by stress reducing measures – either in aquaculture engineering or feeding inputs. There are no “diseases” just syndromes and opportunistic killer vibrio bacteria.

Prawnmaster proved back in 1985 in his ShrimpLab in Punta Barandua, Ecuador, that shrimp viruses can be “turned off” and back “on” via de-stressing and stressing husbandry techniques.

This was made aware to Dr Lightner from APL when he visited Prawnmaster’s hatchery in 1988 in Mexico – to review the origin of the US SPF he received and understand about a higher health output.

Strategy is stress prevention – so less talk about diseases and more about culture basics is fundamental.

Get with the tech.