Prawn toilets need targeted current flow management…… concentrate…

To disperse concentrated shrimp pond solids and directionalize in pond currents towards a solid removals system a highly energy efficient robotically managed system on floats can inject air/oxygen, deliver benthic feed gently and move solid particles with its automatic sensor reading, pond mapping, history and 100% coverage software.

Dispersal, aeration, oxygenation plus feeding passes mode available with 2016 prototype.

In background on wall counter current for live fish trials
hehehe – test running system – 17 years delay

Shrimp industry exporting to China merits a move away from US technology for penetration and long term success…

3 5 2 law in China. Will mean linkages on import, trade and suchlike will have to align.

Add in a US/China trade war and a long term distance sourcing China strategy.

No doubt China will also be looking to develop it’s own shrimp certification, source traceability and food safety systems.

US developed certifications, IBM Foodtrust and even US equipment may not be the most welcome for business continuity and trade into China.

Different technology will need to be offered. Or at least a bolt on overlay.

Highly Floatable Superhydrophobic Metallic Assembly for Aquatic Applications…prawntastic…

Think, think, think – what could this be used for in marine shrimp environments….

Prawn, just like insects, can also be grown on agricultural or plant wastes. Vegan shrimp.

I mean omniverous vannamei already proven to grow on just algae and/or bacterial flocs.

It’s just nobody has done shrimp like this to date 100% and marketed it as such.

Vegetarian grown shrimp..

As part of circular economy perhaps worthy of exploration?

The prawn of tomorrow…

IoT and AI is not just about robotic feeding systems.

One day perhaps we will see bespoke feed mixes made to adjust to conditions on specific wired up shrimp farms…..

The Economist | The cow of tomorrow

Nursery ponds to save RAS shrimp project.

A technology to manage risk that was originally developed at Granmar shrimp farm in Ecuador in the early 1980’s to overcome seasonality issues with wild seed and make sure that any problems are caught early on in culture so that remedial action could be taken accordingly and losses minimized is now being implemented in an advanced RAS system in the US.

NaturalShrimp, Inc. Announces Lifting of Quarantine at its La Coste, Texas,

Prawnmaster in November 1983 – pioneering and trialling vannamei shrimp farming technology.

On Granmar shrimp farm, Ecuador. Prawnmaster as GM.

Vannamei feed testing and feeding techniques trials. Also stocking densities, nursery systems, live shrimp transfers and harvest pumps trialled. Vannamei test farm for PLs from first commercial hatchery with maturation of vannamei broodstock in the world – until then all seed was from wild.

Picture shows shrimp pellet feed blowers for ponds….put on back of trailer to feed two ponds at same time from berm. Also shows build of office and three on-farm appartments for management team.