Treating (shrimp) toilets with bacteria……nitrogen removal.

Application of an enrichment culture of the marine anammox bacterium “Ca. Scalindua sp. AMX11” for nitrogen removal under moderate salinity and in the presence of organic carbon

Prawn toilets need targeted current flow management…… concentrate…

To disperse concentrated shrimp pond solids and directionalize in pond currents towards a solid removals system a highly energy efficient robotically managed system on floats can inject air/oxygen, deliver benthic feed gently and move solid particles with its automatic sensor reading, pond mapping, history and 100% coverage software.

Dispersal, aeration, oxygenation plus feeding passes mode available with 2016 prototype.

In background on wall counter current for live fish trials
hehehe – test running system – 17 years delay

Prawn : Feed Input Toilet Out – FITO…..not to be mixed with FIFO.

Well its also about getting the right current in the right direction to centralize the wastes and not get any dead spots.

The size of feed pellet, delivery and frequency pattern also plays its part.

Shrimp being benthic feeder bottom delivery within a slow gentle current would be most appropriate.

Breaching the delicate subject of toilets for humane shrimp culture…..

Well initially practiced in central drain shrimp maturation tanks where a circular current was introduced into a round tank and where solid fecal waste from shrimp tendered to accumulate in the center of the tanks whence siphoned out manually.

With intensification in grow-out automatic solid waste removal management becomes a more important part of maintaining quality husbandry conditions. Sludge (made up of shrimp wastes but also uneaten feed) build up has always been of concern.

Here is an interesting oversight

Here from some Research Gate stuff

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