$35m live vannamei prawn broodstock smuggling operation…..ooh argh – ye old pirates…

Here is Seafood News Media report

But is this broodstock from SIS out of the USA?

Is this a subsidiary of CP Prima Indonesia and CP Thailand or did not the two go their separate ways in the shrimp industry and shrimp genetics 5 years ago?

Where Ecuador’s shrimp prices go so follows the rest of the world….

Sorry but this reporting lacks substance.

Where is the shrimp super-forcaster?

Prices have been at historic year lows but went even lower because Ecuador could – for a short term.

The Dutch intelligence reporting on the global shrimp trade chose not to understand what they were told – where Ecuador’s shrimp prices go so follows the rest of the world.

Brilliantly a rapid move to a short term low price market offering by Ecuador – partially on the back of China trade slow downs led to alarm bells coming out of Holland – where India gets a lot of its EU trade data. This resulted in the throttling back on stocking and thus a supply shift.

Ecuador, the cradle of the vannamei industry, has always been the place to go for sustainable and responsible supply.

While Dutch health looked East in came coronavirus to add woe to misery…….stoking fear along its path…….and it is not why Telson went bankrupt either. Telson’s was a technology play that did not work out.

Anyway not much new here – the News media, EU shrimp trade intelligence and investment bank analysts plainly all over the place on shrimp trade trends, reporting and forecasting. Since 2019 I may add.

Interesting to note that Undercurrent News mentions Ecuadorian businesses may go bankrupt – but there is no specific mention of shrimp companies – can that be clarified I wonder. Are there hectares available to purchase?

To explain a bit more the technology there is a built in buffer in the Ecuadorian shrimp industry design. To close down a semi-intensive open pond operation for dry out – sterilization – SOP’s – it is all part of the sustainability of the industry. Farms can do 3 months downtime if need be. Tighten belts, harvest ponds. Has been done before.

Then, just like nurseries but at other end of the pipeline there is plenty of freezing capability, cold-storage capabilities and logistics embedded into Ecuadorian industry. Has been done before.

……….it is business continuity after all……..there is even an ISO 22301.

Prawnmaster was part of the team that was awarded BS25999 now ISO 22301 – at the first food company in the world to get accreditation. Business continuity is apart from the the integrity and responsibility side of the business (for all those CB’s out there) – it is good sustainable management policies – to cushion any blow.

At the same time Prawnmaster was developing the foundational standards for the GAA’s BAP certifications moving downstream from farms and hatcheries and in to processing facilities. This of course was a continued development of NASA’s USFDA HACCP program which was first developed in Ecuador with shrimp – even before it became US law.

Prawnmaster promotes perfect pack prime processed prawn protein preppers product….

US shrimp imports remained high in February despite coronavirus spread

Frozen healthy food safe protein source.

Coronavirus – parallels in the prawnbook. Impossible to make the world SPF.

Now that ET building blocks to life have been found

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Impossible to make world SPF.

Which is why initially it failed with vannamei shrimp and was re-branded shrimp high health for the commodity mass market.

We all know the development of the US led shrimp SPF and the French led shrimp SPR (plus other sub derivatives up to APE) programs.

SPF (type of quaranteen and self isolation) is all about survival. More elitist but grow out isolated in climate controlled and genetically manipulated environments.

SPR is about developing resistance rather than exclusion.

Drip into Prawn – Tightening of regulation in the US and EU markets has severely impacted Indian shrimp exports…..

For the better it seems – now that India just posted record exports to USA.

Trade finance companies of course have their place in the industry but worlds away from shrimp farmers.

Tightening of regulation should be considered more an implementation of regulations. Food safety and quality is important.

Indian exporters/farmers have had their antibiotics problems.

Việt Nam to promote shrimp exports to EU next year – hopefully of the Black Tiger variety…

Only able to export shrimp to EU if farms are EU approved and certified – what is all that about?

I would recommend that EU holds Vietnam farmed omnivorous vannamei shrimp to same import duties (tax rate) as all other countries for a non endemic commodity grown vannamei.

I would recommend only zero duty rate for vannamei shrimp from countries where vannamei shrimp is endemic.

Of course farmed carnivorous Black Tiger (Monodon shrimp) – is native to Vietnam so should get zero duty on that shrimp into EU. Great market opportunity. Focus commodity vannamei USA and larger BT mondon to EU and Japan. India is already strong in EU/UK.

Otherwise we will start seeing market distortions what with Europe being the world’s largest consumer.

BTW….the 0% duty rate offered on farmed shrimp from Vietnam into EU was said to be a trade off for better IUU fishing compliance, regulation implementation and general crackdown on illicit practices disallowed in EU – and by extension their long value chain. But used now to spurn Vietnamese to battle India in the Shrimp Wars.