Cryo-EM Blobology – ultra-high-definition-3D-video-ology

Can’t wait to see shrimp viruses and processes looked at using this technology.

Slices and slide using X-ray crystallography will become redundant older technology.

Natural Shrimp USA with viral disease using US vannamei….

Blows a hole through the US SPF program….

Of interest is mode of entry of virus or is it omni-present just never expressed to detectable levels…..

….would have thought once ‘erradicated’ in system then exclusion and biosecurity works.

Gonna be interesting…

Viruses Can Scatter Their Genes Among Cells and Reassemble | Quanta Magazine

Segmentation, multipartition, reassortment.

Hmmmm…..gotta think about this one.

Can’t see a link to shrimp……