ShrimpLab exposé – the Alien Crab Prawn bottom cleaner – wet wipes used initially also – 2010

2010 tests – 500w range 20 metre diameter tanks. 24/7.
2020 tests – Brushed filter skirt – airlift support.

Prawn farm effluent – nutrient load, carbon neutrality AND add in oxygenation futures…

In broadest view yet of world’s low oxygen, scientists reveal dangers and solutions

Minimize Prawn poo-poo please…

It’ not just fish but also shrimp.

Sludge waste from aquaculture is a huge problem for farmers and the environment and there have been massive increases in waste.

A clean-up act by feed suppliers or a tax is needed perhaps is in order.

Needs to be solved please SeaFurtherâ„¢ Sustainability: Aquaculture