To be Prawn under a wandering star……shrimp business buys MOWI.

Will salmon giant Mowi ever expand back into shrimp farming? It already was in the sector – during the Taura syndrome time in Ecuador in the 1990’s

Value addition processing was key to increased turnover with a model based on supplying farmers financing via seed and feed – in exchange for finished shrimp.

Farm productivity had plateaued with Taura – Ecuadors export growth only came about by increased hectareages under culture.

Shrimp branding 1993

Marine Harvest International Shrimp Division developed and implemented HACCP system with USFDA support as test bed pre US law.

MHI shrimp also bought value addition work back upstream from BOH US restaurant (e.g. peeling at Red Lobster outlets) to closer to source operations in Ecuador. Better QC, yields at lower costs.

MHI T/O doubled in 2 years. Not from the shrimp aquaculture but from shrimp processing.

Prawn farmers – responsible land based aquaculture…..

Responsible shrimp farmers (the majority), don’t use or even need chemicals, like pesticides and antibiotics, in their culture.

Plus, shrimp farmers have settling ponds after their culture ponds, with any returning effluent water to the environment generally in better condition then incoming water.

Of course, there are still some cowboys and fish farmers out there who get the media coverage and give the rest of aquaculture a bad name.

Fury as fish farm pesticide pollution rises 72% in a year

Prawn farms take the lead with mandatory dedicated waste settling ponds – since decades ago – effluent water discharge levels part of standards requirements to operate….

One fish farm produces waste equivalent to ‘all of Scotland’s west coast towns’