Coronavirus – parallels in the prawnbook. Impossible to make the world SPF.

Now that ET building blocks to life have been found

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Impossible to make world SPF.

Which is why initially it failed with vannamei shrimp and was re-branded shrimp high health for the commodity mass market.

We all know the development of the US led shrimp SPF and the French led shrimp SPR (plus other sub derivatives up to APE) programs.

SPF (type of quaranteen and self isolation) is all about survival. More elitist but grow out isolated in climate controlled and genetically manipulated environments.

SPR is about developing resistance rather than exclusion.

What no Prawnographic documentary episode yet? Netflix slow on uptake..

Nice projects if you are interested in fish….but shrimp is the driver

Farmed shrimp, as a global protein and aquaculture driver, is complex but a disruptor to fishing and is a disruptor to tradional and conventional meat protein sector….or, at least, the appetizer.

US shrimp aquaculture nearing a turning point…..maybe ‘cos after 40 years of trying not much to show………

A bit of a non answer by Jim…………..economics?

Its called business. If someone cracks code (production, selling, marketing)……..there is no secret here……………we know production is feasible just not sustainable until economics of scale applied.

Insatiable market yes but not for whole smaller commodity vannamei in the US.

So bigger short term challenge is to economically de-head volume shrimp for the US market.

We are close to patent award and working on the robotics.