Shrimp and avocado…

Lot of talk about how US shrimp marketing could follow an avocado marketing HAB – Hass Avocado Board strategy approach.

Will be interesting what those promoting this approach will come up with.

Shrimp and avocados do go well together though…


Prawn music – a listing of what is out there…

King Prawn

Ultra-thin Layers of Rust Generate Electricity from Flowing (salt) Water |

Future source of energy in shrimp aquaculture…

Crustacean catchers fear competition from crustacean farmers. New push for tariffs and duties into US markets.

Ecuador is a dollar economy so is the problem from India and SE Asia?

How fat prawns can save lives | Berkeley News

Interesting research but same disease dropped 95% in Nile river basin in Egypt because of an US exotic crayfish decades ago.

Crayfish in the Nile: A threat to biodiversity with potential for a booming industry

Save Your Money: Vast Majority Of Dietary Supplements Don’t Improve Heart Health or Put Off Death

What does work though is having a healthy diet and including shrimp of course!

God Hates Shrimp – if anyone can make sense of that apart from a parody site……

….but of course….shrimp is a carrier of staph and, even supposed AMR staph especially dangerous when handling the raw prawn.

Thus, embedded in ancient food safety human and health protocols was an avoid alert…that was forced onto the masses via the religion.

Now what with proper bioculture and correct food handling there should be no more worries