Chinese prawns fit for human consumption… but not as bait for fishing…

So what is this really all about?

Using animal health to control trade.

Lowering options for Australian consumers.

Indirectly supporting local shrimp farming.

The summer of prawn 2020 – alternate protein to red meat……no competition!

If you are over 50 then you should look to cut down on red meat. Over 60 and cut out completely.

Prawn is the healthy alternative – known as shrimp in the USA!

Yes shrimp, US favorite seafood can also be promoted as alternative to red meat…..and globally!

Avocados type market model not really necessary if one compares farmed shrimp US market growth.

The following is for a great summer 2020 mix – direct on the BBQ.

Delivering shrimp via urban ATM’s – food safe and protein food secure.

Delivering food aid to Africa

Future scenario : urban reefer setups with hooked on robotic steam cookers to deliver food safe (sterilized) products.

Shrimp are that ideal healthy protein package.