Sharpen your prawn ready reckoners…

Well, as anyone trading prawn into the UK will know, while the global shrimp industry currency is the dollar, Brexit may deliver some sterling opportunities.

Your ready reckoner should go all the way up from local pvp through retailers (50% profit margin) or foodservice (food cost 20%) – through to distributor (+15% profit), storage costs, import costs, duties, logistics, exporter, farmer. Last jump to farmer is in local currency.

Exporter currency and financials costs are variables. Storage costs over time, import, duties, logistics frozen known per kg – so fixed.

Linking diseases to investor fears……

Harnessing big data to fight shrimp diseases and allay investor fears…..

First drum up the fear to apply apparent solution.

Solution being good husbandry, quality input products, no anti-biotics.

Overblown in relation to target farmer audience….and end consumers……however sustainability at all levels of industry wellcome.

Prawnmaster wishes narrative moves on from disease (to more pressing problems). Quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Oh, and growing demand.

IDH – aquaculture analysts defined…Indonesia 2018 report.

Definition of (shrimp) aquaculture.

Semi-intensive in shrimp farming is with additional feed and with pumping. Here Bob explains.

IDH could do with some clarity in their work.

Go here to see IDH definition….download investment guideline Indonesia

Wooden Seafood Trials – a fishmeal replacement..

Wood derived feed proteins – to replace fishmeal. Arbiom

From wood pulp mill to bioproduct mill. Finland – Metsä Group. Exploring fishmeal production.

Of course real shrimp farmers don’t retire…..

Recently read about an ex-shrimp farmer who wrote that “…now that I am retired….”

Guess he really meant ‘not earning on the operational side’ but hey, shrimp farmers never really retire………

……………..They pass it on to the next generation!

Yes I am talking sustainable shrimp aquaculture.

New Scientific Paper Shows Seafood Consumption Critical for Brain Development • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Makes sense but is the effect compounded over generation one wonders?

More reasons to keep eating shrimp.

Cooking Food Alters the Microbiome | UC San Francisco

Surprised that this is an area only recently being studied.

Stay off the raw prawn is what your microbiome is probably telling you…..uncooked possibly loaded with vibrio.