Prawn : Feed Input Toilet Out – FITO…..not to be mixed with FIFO.

Well its also about getting the right current in the right direction to centralize the wastes and not get any dead spots.

The size of feed pellet, delivery and frequency pattern also plays its part.

Shrimp being benthic feeder bottom delivery within a slow gentle current would be most appropriate.

Breaching the delicate subject of toilets for humane shrimp culture…..

Well initially practiced in central drain shrimp maturation tanks where a circular current was introduced into a round tank and where solid fecal waste from shrimp tendered to accumulate in the center of the tanks whence siphoned out manually.

With intensification in grow-out automatic solid waste removal management becomes a more important part of maintaining quality husbandry conditions. Sludge (made up of shrimp wastes but also uneaten feed) build up has always been of concern.

Here is an interesting oversight

Here from some Research Gate stuff

and here on Benchmark’s Fish Site…..

Sharpen your prawn ready reckoners…

Well, as anyone trading prawn into the UK will know, while the global shrimp industry currency is the dollar, Brexit may deliver some sterling opportunities.

Your ready reckoner should go all the way up from local pvp through retailers (50% profit margin) or foodservice (food cost 20%) – through to distributor (+15% profit), storage costs, import costs, duties, logistics, exporter, farmer. Last jump to farmer is in local currency.

Exporter currency and financials costs are variables. Storage costs over time, import, duties, logistics frozen known per kg – so fixed.

UK Sykes Seafood to acquire Dutch shrimp business Klaas Puul – AngloDutch food trade relationships as strong as ever…

The Tangiers, Morocco, operation being value addition and hand peeling?

Prawnmaster was under the impression from IDH Shrimp Tails reporting that these logistics practices had stopped in Holland with the automatic peelers with processing aids for locally caught brown shrimp.

Shock ! Horror ! Shrimp statistics included in the White / Fin Fish Study Archives

Stats…the final breakdown…

2019 report on 2018 data

Here it is:

Import total EU 9.4 mmt of which majors are :

Whitefish 4.2 mmt

Salmon 1.2mmt

Tuna 1.2 mmt

Shrimp 0.9 mmt
E.U. consumption climbed to almost 12.9 million metric tons (MT) in 2018, equating to 25.1 kilograms per capita. It also calculated that 62.5 percent of the seafood products eaten by Europeans that year were imported.