More fishing companies, seeing the writing on the wall, are moving into plant replacements for their traded seafood – in preparation for their eventual demise or complementary marketing?

While the smart money is going into aquaculture one has to applaud looking for alternatives to hunted tuna.

Woody Harrelson, Paris Hilton join raft of celebrities putting dollars behind plant-based tuna brand Good Catch | Intrafish

Farmed prawn – non meat shrimp. The healthy option.

Tyson backed start-up (not New Wave Foods) offers DIY solution to cut cost of lab-grown meat.…….

……but you can always eat farmed shrimp as a healthy replacement to meat.

Prawn in Japan – mixed species culture.

Nice video shrimp farming video Japan.

Looks like mixed species and very manual intensive. Hand select species, hand select size, hand packed.

How did the Macro prawn get in there?

Why You Should Care Where Your Seafood Comes From…….easy enough……..

Simple – stick to seafood from cultured sources to help mitigate hunting pressure on the oceans.

Read the label. Talk to your supplier.

Shrimp farming is giving billions of shrimp a better life…..

Prawnmaster always wants to tell the prawn, the whole prawn and nothing but the prawn……

So – long ago there was a clarion call – save us, save us. Our nursery grounds are being decimated. We need domestication because humans are polluting and destroying our habitats. We need to have a backup plan for the survival of shrimp on this planet. This is your purpose.

So we turned to selecting the best candidate for domestication. Turns out is was the omnivores hardy Pacific white vannamei.

Shrimp are definitely doing better being domesticated and our offshore shrimp numbers have come back and stabilized in home coastal areas.

Playas Beach, Ecuador – December 2019

If this has helped deviate some of what was an impeding human over-fishing pressure on our oceans – let alone a way to avoid the pollution – then the lesser load momentum should be continued for our oceans and all species….

Yes support and applaud shrimp farming industry.

Predator & pollution free low stress shrimp aquaculture.

Chinese prawns fit for human consumption… but not as bait for fishing…

So what is this really all about?

Using animal health to control trade.

Lowering options for Australian consumers.

Indirectly supporting local shrimp farming.