Pirates ahoy….

News from Ecuador about prawn robberies.

Who remembers the one about a group of Colombians who came onto a shrimp farm in Guayas. Held everyone hostage and systematically harvest all the shrimp over several days.

Shrimp was cleared through iffy processors. After all back then, and maybe even now, not hard to launder shrimp through system

It made everyone rethink their security.



Natural Shrimp USA with viral disease using US vannamei….

Blows a hole through the US SPF program….

Of interest is mode of entry of virus or is it omni-present just never expressed to detectable levels…..

….would have thought once ‘erradicated’ in system then exclusion and biosecurity works.

Gonna be interesting…


Prawn specific marketing by PescaNova

Rodolfo and Bigotes – Christmas publicity in Spain.

Resurrecting an old favorite character PescaNova in Spain upgrade with Vicente del Bosque.

While targeting the Argentian Red – yes, latest technologies has resulted in a massive increase in quality of this fished shrimp.

Was this heads-on promotion detrimental to farmed shrimp sales in Spain or did the TV marketing – seen daily on National TV and every Spanish home has an always on TV in eating area – also increase sales of all shrimp consumption?

Shrimp and avocado…

Lot of talk about how US shrimp marketing could follow an avocado marketing HAB – Hass Avocado Board strategy approach.

Will be interesting what those promoting this approach will come up with.

Shrimp and avocados do go well together though…

FAO says food safety focus must be on prevention | Food Safety News


All well and good BUT typically FAO are bringing into the narrative “prevention and control of high impact animal and aquatic diseases”……

…….what has this to do with food safety?

Is it perhaps to do with food security. Again not a food safety argument.

Prawn and tourism – the power of the Prawn…..

35 years on and still part of the Australian National Identity…..

An Australian Tourism US project that also raised interest in US shrimp consumption domestically – not just tourism.

Shrimp associated with vacations, sun and healthy eating.

Tourism (and Health) Ministries should not underestimate the power of the mighty Prawn to support their agendas.

On another level the shrimp industry could benefit from a generic US marketing approach but with a global and fragmented industry who will finance? Of course a specific certification and marketing program will help differentiate and also a “rising tide lifts all boats”.

On a further level shrimp industry players should specifically look at owning their own supply chain down to end consumers – not just as a label.

Tokyo restaurateur develops spore sheet to speed up aging of meat — and fish | The Japan Times

Has anyone tried ageing shrimp one wonders?