Prawn bars – urban shrimp fishing farms

Catch your own dinner

Pool to table

Urban Taiwan shrimp fishing

Note: freshwater prawns are the species on offer here not pacific white commodity shrimp.

Aquaculture: A Regional Look at a Global Industry – opportunity gap in USA.

2018 here

and 2014 in link below..

Aquaculture: A Regional Look at a Global Industry | Cleantech Group

Nature’s Solution to Climate Change – it’s those shrimp eating mammals – again!

Yes our familiar shrimp eating mammals – here to save the planet again.

‘Self-cleaning’ concrete could keep buildings looking new.

Yes perfect Shrimpcrete for shrimp hatchery tanks.

Or RAS facilities, floating salmon closed culture systems – capability to keep bacteria clean – does it work in seawater condition me wonders…?

Source: American Chemical Society

Lessons learnt. Development of shrimp industries globally.

Here is a quick power-point Prawnmaster acquired and adapted for shrimp industry development…

Source : DBSA, DFID and NEPAD

Prawnographic – vannamei is farmed across 36 countries.

Vannamei constituted the highest production value of all aquacultured species in 2017, $26.7 billion – $10bn more than the overall value of farmed Atlantic salmon

Here is a great overview report of current state of play in shrimp grow-out globally.