Coronavirus is turning us all into seafood Millennials…nicely written opinion piece…

Missing at the top of the list and covering all generations regardless.

Food safety.

Frozen is a safety step and nowadays is the best technology available. That and washing hand SOP’s developed as past of the NASA HACCP protocols.

Sorry but fresh is just not where the last mile is gonna work for seafood – shrimp anyway. Maybe OK for salmon guys but hard to see how fresh fits in with food safety.

One wants convenience, this means deheading and peeling – fresh is not advisable thence. Too much handling. Freezing good quality step.

Also convenience may mean use of chemicals. Try to find a peeled shrimp that does not have an e-number in it.

Fresh anyway is never as good as live but we now know what wet markets entail and frozen technology is a best primary step.

Where does hunting for fish as seafood sit? Farmed is an option on the path to help against industrial resource exoitation….but probably low on list and under catch-all sustainability.

Farmed frozen clean deck using domesticated species best option.

Here is opinion piece by Demi…

Sykes closes Klaas Puul deal creating $300m shrimp secondary processor…

Maybe one day to go back upstream to primary processing…

Surely Ecuador is not using wild PLs in it’s shrimp industry….

Someone recently suggested that wild larvae was still being used in the Ecuadorian shrimp export industry.

Prawnmaster was under the impression that the practice of wild larvae capture had ceased with the more efficient use of wild gravid female spawners via hatcheries.

Wild PLs was something that definitely our customers in markets were looking to avoid as it implicated child labour and huge impact on coastal nursery groubds and environment.

Maybe the reference was that females are still being used from the wild – fair enough – using ocean as natural breeding and maturation. Robust offspring.

Wild shrimp larvae harvesting in 1992…here

Shrimp industry leading the way in seafood with SOP’s for risk management on transmission of infectious diseases….1993

Use of facemasks and gloves on a shrimp product that is then frozen (first food safety step) and cooked before eating (second food safety step). 1993

Prawn is close to the ideal proto-insect protein source.


‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold… raw fish

Recommendation is perhaps to re-introduce freezeing step in salmon as precautionary measure

Luckily farmed shrimp are always frozen and then cooked prior to eating making it one of the safest protein sources on this planet.