The origin of SPF Prawn….1989

Vannamei shrimp origin.

Parallel to building a commercial shrimp hatchery in Mexico small scale trials were undertaken.

In 1989 females were artificially inseminated. Spawned and hatched eggs raised with specific and proprietary survival-of-the-fittest technology.

Resultant trial of 16,000 PL’s were sent in 1989 to APL – Dr Lightner at University of Arizona.

PL’s declared SPF by APL. US borders closed and all stocks in USA destroyed.

In 1990 with shrimp hatchery in full operation produced its first batch of 10 million PL’s were not allowed to enter USA for stocking Laguna Madre shrimp farm in Texas as borders closed and USA declared only country to have SPF vannamei shrimp.

Original setup on shrimper vessel in Mexico for holding live females. Gravid females found and passed onshore to laboratory. On land maturation unit came into play later
In lab artificial insemination holding tank
Wild Mexican vannamei original pair females